Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

Logo design is not easy. It’s so hard to create the perfect symbolic sign. It should be original, fresh and interesting. And he will most likely be in sight for a while.

Before you cover yourself with cold sweat, creating your next Nike Swoosh, stop and breathe. 

At a time when some of the most successful logos of all time appeared with a little luck, the rest followed a few key ideas that you can apply to your project.

Take a minute to think it over and you can develop a better logo using these five key ideas.


Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

The best logo ideas are not always striking. They do not appear with four-color and three font designs. They are not influenced by trends. The logo is classic and simple.

Start with clean lines or your brand name. Is there a symbolic image with which it is associated? There are obvious connections like Apple and Windows, but how can you use this idea for your logo? An artistic depiction of a simple element can be a fun decision. 

On the other hand, the name of your brand may not be associated with anything and a combination of forms or inscriptions may be a better option.

Imagine the entire logo. The current trend is super-streamlined icons or lettering. It may be cool, but it works if you know the brand. Most likely, you should use the word in the logo.

Stick to simple fonts that are readable. Fonts with serifs or without fit, even personalized options can work fine. But beware of new fonts that sacrifice readability for a fashionable style.

Combine the label with a simple symbol for a classic look. Do not overdo it with shadows, embossing, blackout, or color labels. 

These techniques usually look great individually, but there may be problems when using images and in places where the background is not white.


Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

The logo is distributed everywhere. It will appear on your website, on printed matter, and on social media. For all these diverse uses, shape, size and flexibility are very important.

Is your logo flexible enough? Here is a checklist:

  • It must be vector (This is necessary for use in large format and high resolution).
  • It should look like a square. Squareness is now required for online applications. If the logo has a more horizontal or vertical shape, then have a square option on hand especially for social media.
  • It should have alternative options (Including the option for social media, without color (black or white) and vertically and horizontally oriented for combinations with inscriptions and symbols.
  • Logo Must be readable on different colored backgrounds – light or dark.
  • It is readable in small or large sizes and does not appear disproportionate to scaling.
  • The image should be appropriate (Always look for unintentional combinations of letters or icons that can make people giggle. This should be avoided if this was not intended).
  • It must be something that can change and grow over time. As long as the logo has its expiration date, it should change from time to time, even if very little.


Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

In white or in black Each logo should be able to be used in full color. If at least one of these options is not possible, then the logo will not work properly.

Personally, I always start logo design with a black and white version. So you can clearly see the forms and inscriptions. And if it is good in this simple, colorless format, I start adding color. 

This is a trick that an experienced designer taught me and is something that has been useful throughout my career.


Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

A good logo tells you about the brand that it represents. This is part of the company’s legend or how they appeared.

Imagine the Amazon logo. Simple text and a smile underneath. What is this legend? (Happy shoppers). What brand makes you feel? (Happiness). 

This is a simple association, and even if you do not notice it right away, the logo evokes certain emotions from users.

The logo will be more memorable if it refers to brand legend. He should talk about who you are or what you do and be part of your personality.

See how cleverly the RoyalSpeech values ​​are hidden in the image above. The logo consists of a pair of apostrophes imitating signs made in the speech. 

But look closer: do you see the crown? A simple sign speaks for the name and helps people recognize the logo.


Best Logo Design: Tips To Create A Logo

A good logo does not cease to be attractive.

Stick to one of four types of logos:

  • Text logo: uses only labels
  • Emblem: the conditional image of the name
  • Symbolic logo: image without words
  • Combined: symbol and inscription

Next, avoid elements or colors that are too trendy. A logo that is bogged down in trends will look good until these trends disappear. Choose something more classic to ensure its durability.

Using a drop of modern style can be helpful. Bring the fashionable element to the desired state in accordance with the tips above.

To conclude, make sure you register your personality.  It takes time and patience. Take your time and save all the options for the whole time (you do not know what concepts or ideas may come back).


The best logos that come to mind are the logo of big players like Coca-Cola, Nike or FedEx, great logos don’t always come with a big budget (We all know the story that Swoosh cost $ 35).

So the logo design is not your hobby using these tips, you can at least help you come up with ways to stand out and create a better corporate identity.

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