Make Money With Youtube

Make Money With Youtube

Youtube is the best videos share website. In this article, we discuss 9 ways to earn money from youtube and generate passive income.

1:- Use Presentation Slides

Focusing your presentation on a serious problem that your audience has is essential — this is the way that you get their attention.

Unless you are solving a problem for your audience.

Why should they listen to you?

You’re just another waste of time for them.

If you follow just this one idea — of focusing your presentation on solving a problem that your audience has.

Then you will see a substantive improvement in the success of your presentations.

The reason that drawing your audience’s attention to a threatening problem works in parts is.

That fear is a reliable motivator when the issue is a serious one and you are offering a helpful solution.

2:-Create Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are a cool and innovative marketing tool to promote your service/product.

They will help you easily convey your message.

The first reason whiteboard animations are so useful is because they make the audience learn.

Watching a whiteboard animation is like sitting in front of a whiteboard in a lesson.

The second reason they are so useful is that in the whiteboard animation video, the name of the service or idea is shown many times.

This makes your message stronger and more powerful. This is why whiteboard animations have such a powerful learning effect

Let’s list the reasons why you should try this technology in order to spread your message and attract an audience.

Whiteboard animations are fun! If done correctly, they have a powerful effect on the viewer and can be very entertaining.

Whiteboard animations are flexible. Whiteboard animations are easy to remember.

This is a good way for customers to remember you. By remembering your video, they will also remember your product.

3:- Do Product Reviews And Diy Videos

“Product Review” – What It Is?

A marketing advertising format that allows you to visually show and talk about the advertised product.

Product or service to the target audience through a blogger or influence agents in exchange for its free use.

In other words,

The advertised the product in exchange for its advertising review and the publication of such a review by a blogger.

Such advertising has a native format (useful article “ Native advertising and what it is eaten with ”).

Product Per Review

Advertising in the “product per review” format is characterized by a higher conversion compared to direct advertising formats.

The audience has the opportunity in real-time mode to verify the benefits of the product with their own eyes.

4:- Create Music Videos

On the pages of the music “Music world”. Find out the latest news from the sections “Music videos”, “Foreign performers”, “Russian performers”, “Thoughts …”.

The pages “About Your blog”, “Important music resources”, “News archive” will be of interest to your users

5:- Upload Podcast Episodes

Wikipedia says that podcasts are audio or video files in the format of a television or radio broadcast.

We’ll clarify a bit.

Podcast – a series of audio recordings, united by one theme, direction.

As a rule, recordings are published regularly and distributed on any sites.

Videos can also occur, but most often it’s just visualization, an image, and the whole point is concentrated in the audio track.

The format can be almost anything: from narration on behalf of 1 person to short digests, team podcasts and interviews with different people.

6:- Run A Gaming Channel With Game Play Videos

People are mistaken that only a video about popular games will lead the channel to the tops.

If you decide to talk about PUBG or Fortnite on the YouTube channel, you’ll either have to fork out to display the video in the search.

To talk about what the viewer did not see and make a decent video out of it becomes a difficult task that most can not cope with.


The second is more complicated because the number of channels for trend projects is much larger

The right decision is to study gaming innovations and understand their potential.

Analyze how popular the game is. The sooner you realize this, the higher the chance of getting more views and subscribers.

It’s important not only to discern the potential to become a hit in the game but also to analyze the audience’s interest.

7:- Make Cooking Videos

Just a couple of years ago, our mothers and grandmothers handed each other thick notebooks with a bunch of hand-written recipes.

So that somewhere, by chance, the family recipe. However, you will not surprise anyone with a “herring under a fur coat”.

The female gender has to invent thousands of new recipes … After all, I want it to be tasty, stylish and not like everyone else.

8:- Make Compilation Videos

Usually, for editing videos, you need to install special software, and still have good technical skills.

But we believe that this process should be simple and fun.

That is why we are introducing a new tool that will be easy for everyone to work with, and even for this guy.

This is an online video editor that can be found in the TestTube section, our incubator of new ideas.

It does not require installation on a computer and allows you to:

  • Combine several videos uploaded by you into a long video;
  • Trim the beginning and / or end of the plot;
  • Add soundtracks from the AudioSwap library, which contains tens of thousands of songs;

Create new videos without thinking about file formats, and post them on YouTube with one click – without downloading.

9:- Create Animation Videos

An animated video gives advertising of your product or service unlimited possibilities.

Yes, it will be quite difficult to cause salivation in the audience from the advertised food.

But you can clearly demonstrate all the advantages of these products

Show the entire technological process of cooking in such a way that your product remains in the memory of a potential customer for a long time.

Statistics claim that the animated video is most effective in such areas of the business as legal services, accounting, logistics, and catering.

But it is used to advertise a wide variety of products: from auto parts to those pickles and, it is worth noting, is used very successfully.

A creative approach to creating a video and high-quality performance will help to sell any product, regardless of the segment of activity.

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