How To Make Money On Fiverr

How To Make Money On Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for small jobs and services (gigs) that can be run by ordinary mortals working from home.

Fiverr  has experienced strong growth and now offers more than 1.9 million jobs and over 4000 new services in 120 categories.

Fiverr’s concept is simply to connect sellers and buyers of odd jobs and services. They help you get freelance jobs easily. All of Fiverr’s basic services cost $ 5, but it’s not unusual for buyers to buy extra gigs.

Fiverr may not be the best place to become a millionaire. But you can definitely make a living or make more money.

On Fiverr, all services are offered as “gigs” and you will find all kinds of creative and crazy gigs from sellers all over the world.

The gigs sold on Fiverr covering graphic design, business promotion, social networking, advertising, comedy videos, translation and writing services.

Promotion On Fiverr

Your first gig is created. What can be done to promote it?

Adding a video will help promote, and the site will automatically raise it in the issuance. Mount a small video, even a slide show is suitable.

You can also ask your friends to buy your gig and rate it highly. Gigs with good ratings and reviews are more credible, you will have a good reputation, try not to lose it.

It matters the speed of response to messages from potential customers and the date of the last work – this is indicated in your profile.

When describing the service, come up with, firstly, a catchy name that will contain keywords by which the customer can search for artists. 

How To Make Money On Fiverr

Secondly, write down the tags relevant to your service and describe the gig as accurately and in detail as possible: what is included in it, what will the client receive at the exit, why should you execute the project.

The more specific and visual the service is described, the higher the likelihood that the client will find it and make your order.

Fiverr tip

Starting on Fiver is easy. If you follow the 4 steps below, you should be ready in no time:

  • Find which gig to propose
  • Register on
  • Eaxplian your service in either a publication and video or both
  • Start making money

While you find the right service to offer on Fiverr, you may want to check out. What other sellers do and write to be successful.

this should give some indication of the type of services. That is requested and you should also take some ideas for your own service.

Is Fiverr Reliable?


Fiverr has +7 years in the market and every 5 seconds a service is purchased. (I mean, in what you have read this paragraph they have bought 2-3 services)

It is impossible with more than 25 million services completed. More than 1 million daily visits to their website, someone dares to say that it is a scam.

How To Make Money On Fiverr

1:- You should start with attractively presenting your services. Describe as much as possible your service, select a beautiful picture on the cover. 

How To Make Money On Fiverr

I advise you to see how the best freelancers in your category design their services. You can adopt something from them. 

2:- Be sure to make yourself 3 packages with services: basic, standard and premium.

3:- If you already have customers, ask them to conduct a transaction through Fiverr, this is not prohibited, even welcome.

4:- Pay attention to offers from customers. Every day, customers place a request for a service in the Buyer requests section, you can respond to them 10 times during the day

5:- Ask customers to leave you a review. If your work is related to visual content, illustrate each completed order with a beautiful picture.

For example, after the delivery of the order there is an opportunity to illustrate your work, do not give up on this, as you will have a large portfolio.

6:- It is advisable to quickly respond to requests from customers that you receive, this will increase the likelihood that the client will order the service from you, plus the time for which you respond to requests is taken into account in your rating.

7:- The site has a cool trick, “raised hand”. This is a badge that shows that you are currently free and can get started. 

This badge will help attract customers who want to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. To be able to use it, you need to complete 5 orders on the exchange and then it will become available. 

How To Withdraw Money With Fiverr

I am sure that if you try, you will definitely succeed in making money. After you earn them, you will need to withdraw them. 

Let’s look at what are the options for withdrawing money from this site.
In order to configure the withdrawal option, you need to go to the Selling – Revenues – Fiverr Revenue Card settings.

How To Make Money On Fiverr

Next to the Fiverr Revenue Card, you will have two more options: PayPal and Bank Transfer. 

When withdrawing via Bank Transfer, the commission is $ 25-30 (as for a SWIFT transfer) and the money goes 3-5 banking days, so this option is not suitable for everyone.

If you have not heard about the payment system before, then in short – this is a convenient and popular payment system that allows you to withdraw money from sites, as well as make requests for payment directly from people.

You can register in the system, get their bank card and use it by withdrawing from any ATM in the world or paying online.

I advise you to register directly since you can easily connect your existing Payoneer card to your Fiverr account.

Final Tips To Grow On Fiverr

Fiverr  is available in Spanish for user reading, however, communication between merchants or users is in English as the primary language.

Know a basic level of English to understand and communicate, although you can use an online translator such as Google Translate.

Need a PayPal account to receive payments, but once you deliver the service this money will not arrive immediately. It may take up to 2 weeks to send you the payment. 

Consider that by offering services for $ 5 you will only receive in your Fiverr account $ 4 net since the platform also receives its commission for business. 

Did you think everything is free?

Once you receive the payment in your Paypal account, this platform will also charge your commission. In short, for every $ 5 you will end up receiving less than $ 4.

You can apply to have a prepaid Fiverr Mastercard sent to you, something Payoneer style so if you live in the United States and have plans to make a lot of money in Fiverr you can apply.

Earn money at Fiverr if possible and I hope these tips have been very useful to start creating your business as a freelancer on the net.

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