How To Make $100 Per Day Without Investment

Today there are many ways how to make money on the Internet without investments. 

Use your skills such as writing, singing, blogging, voicing videos, entering data, creating music, photos, etc., and selling services or products to make money online without too much investment.

Did you know that you can also make money on the Internet? 

In this detailed article, you will learn about different legal ways to improve your financial situation with the help of the Network without investments.

You can start with the online service of ordering services or freelance exchanges, work at home, have a flexible schedule and good earnings.

The Internet is spreading rapidly around the world, and the question is:

How to make money online?

This question is asked more often. Bloggers, housewives, students or even professionals with fairly high salaries are constantly looking for sources of real Internet income from scratch

Instead of wasting time, people want to work a little extra and get a couple of extra dollars to pay their bills, which is good.

All you need is the right information on how to become an online entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, precisely because of the lack of knowledge of legal methods of earning on the Internet, some people become victims of scammers.

But don’t worry, there are several ways in which you can use your skills and creative message to earn income from working on the Web without investment

And today you will learn about several of them. 

Ready to start an exciting journey? Go!


Blogging is a great way to easily really earn extra money. Obviously, why this item comes first, we are also blogging.

Professional blogging is one of the most famous ways to earn money while sitting at the computer.

As a result of a search on the Web, we often find ourselves in diaries, where you can see a lot of advertising.

Therefore, it is easy to say that the owner of the blog receives money for what leads him.

There are many good and free platforms with which you can easily create your blog. After that, start writing about what really interests you.

When you get a little hyped (say, 100 visitors a day start blogging ), you will need to post online ads.

For advertising, you can use the Google AdSense service. also provides its ads.

To create a truly profitable blog, we recommend spending money on the following resources:

Buy a quality template for WordPress.
Buy a domain and hosting.

By the way, did you know that advertising makes up 95% of Google’s profit?

If bloggers publish Google ads on their sites, they receive a portion of this revenue. We often write about how to become a successful blogger.

What you need for professional blogging: good knowledge of the language, the ability to express your thoughts in an interesting way, basic knowledge of coding and technical features, like SEO, and a very good understanding of the topic that you will write about.


If the blog is visited by about one thousand visitors every day, its owner can really earn from 50 cents to $ 30 per day, if you write in competitive subjects and in English.

With the traffic of 3-4 thousand per day per month, you can earn 1000. e. Blogging brings a very different income, depending on your web traffic and the chosen monetization strategy.

Many argue that affiliate marketing like the Amazon, model is much better than Google AdSense.

We don’t think so, but on the other hand, what works for one blog is not necessarily suitable for another.

Also, if you write about Ukraine, here a click can cost $ 0.02-0.1. The cost per click will increase when people appear on your site who are running expensive ads.

Bloggers in the US, UK, and Canada earn millions of dollars. They use a more entrepreneurial approach.

Many bloggers have essentially turned their blogs into content or media companies.

For example, the American online edition of the Huffington Post was at first just a blog, and now it is one of the most influential news sources in the world.

Mashable has a similar story.

In India, famous bloggers such as Amit Agarwal earn hundreds of thousands of rupees per month.

They devote full time to this business. For those who engage in blogging part-time, the profit will depend on the time spent in the diary.


Earnings of some American bloggers using AdSense reach several thousand dollars. AdSense revenue is highly dependent on Google’s CPC.

In countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, CPCs are very high, which is why bloggers earn a lot more there.

Do not wait a minute and become a professional blogger!


Design themes for platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

All sites and blogs need a “theme” (or template) that determines their appearance.

That is why, if you have a good sense of design and other necessary skills, you can also become a theme designer. 

When the topic is ready, you can really sell it on special sites with themes or create your own site on which people will buy them.


Typically, one copy of a topic costs anywhere from 10 to 100 dollars. Therefore, if you sell only a hundred copies, you can really earn thousands of dollars. 

If you develop an individual theme for the customer, you can ask for even more for it, depending on the effort and investment spent.


YouTube pays well for monetized videos. Create interesting videos and earn online.

You are guaranteed to see more than one video on YouTube. This applies to everyone who sits on the Internet! However, it is the world’s largest video sharing service. 

But just watching is not enough. Create your own videos without attachments and share them with the world. 

Moreover, they will help you make money! You can shoot a small ( or large! ) Video clip using your mobile phone, handheld or professional camcorder. 

Or make a video from pictures on a computer. Or create animated videos and workshops. 

Once you’re ready with the video, upload it to YouTube and monetize it. While watching your video, YouTube will show ads and share revenue with you.

Thanks to such online work, many people have already earned large sums of money on the Web. 

Most often this is work at home, but sometimes you have to leave it to shoot a video.

Required skills: experience in using a video camera and knowledge of editing software.


If the YouTube channel has a million subscribers, you can earn from 100,000 to 300,000 thousand dollars a month. 

It mostly depends on how interesting your videos are. Secondly, the number of subscribers also affects the number of earnings. 

The stories of Jeffree Star and Daniel Middleton are examples of how you can earn more than $ 100,000 a year with YouTube. 

And this is the minimum figure. No one knows the exact amount, but many sources claim that it can reach up to one million dollars a year.

The idea of ​​making tons of money with YouTube is great. But you will need damn charm, creativity, and hard work. 

Even if you don’t earn millions, YouTube is a great way to significantly improve your financial situation.


If you want to provide administrative or technical support to others, there are several places to look for work. Just browse through them and choose the one that suits you best.

UPWORK, for example, is one of them. Clients publish information about working on Upwork, and job seekers like you do it.

Most often you need to work on a computer and over the Internet. Although everything depends entirely on the individual work.

A similar job search platform is FIVER. On Fiver, you can also find offers that are not completely related to the Internet (for example, to help someone with the move).

if you want more click here => make money on Upwork and make money on Fiver.

Required Skills: Depends on your chosen job.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on your blog or website.

If you have a successful blog or website, you can start collaborating with other entrepreneurs and display their ads on your website. 

If the client clicks on the link to advertise for the product from your site and buys it, you will receive interest from the sale. 

Affiliate advertising is different than Google AdSense

AdSense pays you for clicks (CPC or CPC model), and with affiliate advertising, you only get profit if the buyer really buys the product by clicking on the link from your site.


Photographers can sell their work on different sites.

Do you like taking pictures? Do you manage to click on pretty good shots? 

Well, if so, the buyer can wait for you on sites like iStockPhoto, CreativeMarket and depositphotos. And do not dare to think that your photos are not good enough.

Try it and you may be very surprised! People need different photos for online and print publications.

Therefore, the number and variety of the desired photo will always be missed. Go ahead and become a professional photographer!

And by the way, if you are a pretty girl, you can even sell your selfies. But first, you will need to learn how to do them well. 

Then you can try your luck ( nevertheless, for selfies you need to take into account privacy issues ).


If you own a domain name, a website (even an inactive one!) Or a mobile application and want to sell it, you have direct access to FlippaSedo or GoDaddy Auctions . 

On these sites you can set the initial price for what you are selling, and potential buyers place their bids in auction mode. 

This model maximizes your earnings from the sale of a domain name, website or mobile application.

We have already mentioned the creation of a website or blog for online profit. But not everyone becomes a successful blogger. 

After a certain time, most bloggers begin to feel disappointed , just stop writing and throw everything away. 

But the created site and domain name remain. If you are not going to keep your site or blog anymore, you can always sell what is left and make money.

A little tip: don’t start your full-time blogging right away. Professional blogging is not an easy thing, so you have to spend a little time before you can earn enough. 

Start as a part-time blogger, and later be able to devote all your work time to it.


UserTesting is a site where people test other sites. Webmasters and Internet companies hire people like you to try using their newly created or updated site. 

You are testing the site and share comments. You also get paid for it! It’s simple, isn’t it? Yes, such an online job is indeed one of the easiest. 

But again, take this seriously . The more useful your feedback for the site owner, the more orders you can receive in the future.


Before talking about methods, it is worth saying a few words about the expected results. 

If you think that making money online is easy, just spit , then you’re seriously mistaken ! In order to be successful, you need to work hard and take work very seriously. 

How successful can you be?

Well, when how. But, to be honest, you do not need to know higher mathematics to understand how exactly! 

Your skills, your chosen job, your skills in a certain field and the time you are ready to devote to work are the factors that affect your overall earnings. 

Everything is like in works from the “real life”.

If this motivates you, there are many people who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars (and even millions) using the Internet. Yes, it’s all at work alone at home too!

There is no indicator of how much you should earn. In addition, you do not even need to look for such information. 

Just focus on what you like to do, and if you devote enough time and effort to it, the results will not be long in coming. 

Believe me, if you do not like the occupation, you will not see success!


Once you have become an Internet entrepreneur and started your online business, getting money from customers becomes one of the most important problems. 

Well, most of the above services offer fairly simple payment methods such as PayPal, checks and wire transfer. 

PayPal is generally just a gift for online entrepreneurs. With it, you can easily send and receive money from customers. 

In addition, PayPal is very simple and easy to use. But, unfortunately, he does not work in Ukraine.

 Therefore, the option is PAYONEER – if you plan to work outside of Ukraine. 

If the payment is in Ukraine, then the Privat24 service is enough and open a FLP account, depending on who you work with.

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