How Uber Make Money

In this article, we discuss all how to make money throw uber. And also discuss how uber works and what opportunity uber give us our partner and our employs.

How Uber Work?

Uber is an online transport company that provides a facility for us one-click transport. Today uber is the best company for online transport. Uber is a technological know-how platform. … In cities, the place Uber operates, use your rider app to request a ride.

When a close by driver-partner accepts your request, your app shows an estimated time of Driving for Surge Hours to your pickup location. Your app notifies you when the driver-partner is about to arrive.

5 Tricks To Make Maximum Money With Uber

Today I’m going to take you for a ride, and I’ll tell you 5 tricks of how to maximize your income driving for uber

Driving for Surge Hours

so once you get that notification from uber on your application or an email. That there will be surge hours, and you’re going to get more income during those hours.

That’s when I recommend you drive for.. for them because this is when you get double or Sometimes triple the rates. so this is the best one of the best times to drive and it is going to increase your income.

Time Duration For Driving

The second trick is the most important one. It’s driving on Friday night Saturday evening and night and Sunday during the morning, but mainly Friday and Saturday night.

In fact and on Friday, you can even start earlier because people are going back from work.

Sometimes people are going straight to their pubs to have a beer or whatever so somewhere late afternoon Friday and Even evening at night overnight and Saturday late afternoon.

Sometimes even in the morning a little bit, but also at night. That’s when you make the maximum amount of money.

Uber Professor Multiple Mobiles

Trick number three is.. there is this guy I think his name is a uber professor. who show.. who showed that famous trick with two phones well.

It’s a nice trick, and I think it’s it’s good. You know when you use one application On one phone as an uber driver and the other one you’re driving as a passenger.

So That thing it is goodBut, in reality, you don’t need two phones what I do is I turn on my uber application as a driver and at the same time I turn on my Rider application so I am driving with the uber application on and I have my map on But I’m actually driving with the rider application.

And the funny thing is you get for a ride request so if you are going to turn on your uber application they just put press the Return button to get to the main screen and then Put the Rider application you can get ride requests and know.

Where all of the Uber drivers are so you can position yourself in such a way that. There are not too many uber drivers and a higher chance of getting a ride request.

Change Location

Number four tricks I would say are driving less you see I see lots of new Uber drivers making the same mistake and look at the uber application, and that’s how I know they’re doing it.

They keep on driving just to keep on changing their location and they think that this is going to make more money well in.

in some way, it does and in some way it does It’s more of an optical illusion and you know what when you’re driving the time goes faster.

But you’re spending more fuel your car is depreciating, in fact, the more you drive..the less you make so You have to position yourself in such a way you.

Check Uber Driver Location

You have that’s a trick number five you have to know the community you have to know the locality where the most drivers are so if you are going to give me a second some sharp turn.

If you are going to drop off a person and do not drive all over the city. like I used to do the same mistake I would drive so far away and in reality in reality.

you just have to drive to the nearest neighborhood and again check the uber rider application to see how many drivers are around there and Position yourself there.

once you see that around that block there is a big community and not too many Uber drivers try to find the place where there are no Uber drivers and Just park there wait and you’re going to get a ride request it might seem like you’re waiting for a long time.

But in reality, it just feels like that when you’re not driving time slows down.

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