How To Make Money On Upwork For Beginners

Create A UPWORK Profile

As usual, Upwork registration takes place via email, first and last name and only takes a short moment.

After the email confirmation, you already have access to your profile on Upwork.

A profile picture should be mandatory, as well as a short headline for your profile. In a few words, you summarize your specialization.

In the “Overview” area there is enough space for a small summary about you and your previous career.

You also have the option of integrating a kind of portfolio into your profile. These can be photos, but videos are also supported.

A small introductory video about you and your previous work is known to have a positive effect on the customer’s opinion.

Of course, you should not forget to state your hourly wages, too.

  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • IT & networking
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Engineering & architecture
  • Design & creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Admin support
  • Customer service
  • Sales & marketing
  • Accounting & Consulting
  • You can also change the visibility of your profile as well as indicate whether you are more interested in long-term projects, one-off projects or both.
Introduce YourSelf

You can specify your overall qualifications in your field yourself. The former means entry-level knowledge with little experience in a field.

The latter signals a few years of professional experience and the latter corresponds to the mastery of an area.

As an “expert” you are able to process complex projects professionally and have been working in this field for many years.

You can also add a curriculum vitae and previous university degrees to the profile.

In order to highlight your specific qualifications, you can also complete an in-platform qualification test in addition to uploading certificates.

From these 318 tests you can choose, you should choose the ones that match your offered service and, if necessary, represent a positive additional qualification.

Completing these tests is, of course, free of charge and can be done at any time.

 Be Convinced Of Yourself

Of course, you already know what your market value is. This is not a bad thing. You may submit a salary requirement that you earn from Upwork. 

Write also how exactly the activity should look like. Remember that you are applying for a job that may change everything for you in the future. 

Then you definitely have to provide a lot of information that is interesting for employers.

Get A Job On Upwork

In order to get a job, you either have to apply for the existing vacancies or someone offers you a project. 

For the latter, you also have the option of linking your profile to your own website to simplify direct commissioning(make money) for the customer. 

Since you have no active influence on this, the focus here is on getting a job through an application.

First of all, you are looking for a suitable project or order in the categories already mentioned. 

You can also use the Upwork app to search for new jobs and apply for them on the go.

When you have found one, click on “Submit a Proposal” and start a bid on this job. In the free membership, the number of monthly bids is limited to 60 “Connects”. 

You can see how many “Connects” an application costs you while you place the bid. You also specify how long it takes you to process it.

Probably the most important thing besides your bid is the so-called “cover letter”. Here you have the opportunity to clarify in up to 5000 characters why you are perfect for the job. 

If you have already done other jobs at Upwork, you can, of course, refer to your experience and good reviews. If this is your first order, it can’t hurt to offer the customer something additional. 

Best Way To Start On Upwork

For example “I translate the first page for free” or “I am editing 3 of the 10 files today”. 

The main thing is that the customer can convince you and you will receive your first positive evaluation as a reference for further projects. 

After all, you have to prevail against competitors with lots of good ratings.

First register for free and fill out the profile as well as possible. 

The more you publish about yourself and the work you have already done, the better prospective clients can assure themselves that it is likely that you can really do the job.

This applies the most as long as you are still fresh on the money-making site Upwork.

Then check whether there is a test for your area of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to do it. Even if you fail, you simply cannot see the result.

If you do not do so spectacularly, you can repeat all tests later. You can have good test results displayed in your Upwork profile and thus document your skills well before you have completed any tasks.

Upwork Required Creativity In Work

Creativity is the one most important thing for high income or making money in any field of life.

So you have to think of something similar. Not everyone can write well, but everyone can do something particularly well. 

Perhaps you live close to very famous sights, then you could help travel agents to write special photos and reports about them. 

Perhaps, as a local, you know things about it that travel agencies and tour guides do not otherwise know.

A little creativity is required here and then you simply offer your services or search on platforms such as Upwork to see whether anyone is looking for something like this.

Keep An Eye On The Time

You can search for jobs on Upwork. The client or employer places jobs there. However, you need to stay on the ball constantly and check the pages. 

This means that you will only be successful and make money on Upwork if you keep checking whether there is something new for you. 

You can expect that you won’t stick to certain times to post a job offer.

Payment Methods Of Upwork

Bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer

Payment limit Of Upwork

Bank transfer from $ 0.99, PayPal from $ 2 and Payoneer from $ 2

Payment Period Of Upwork

Activation of the payment method can take up to 3 days.

Transaction Fees Of Upwork

Transaction fees are not charged by itself, but fees may apply through the payment service used.

Benefits Of Paying With Upwork

Contact Options

You have much better contact options on the platform than when you simply search for clients.

Payment Security

The platform ensures payment security. Nothing is worse for small freelancers than a lot of work that is ultimately not paid or is paid only slowly.

Most platforms operate in such a way that the client has to pay in before placing the order.

This way, when you start working, you know that the money is ready for you. This is the benefit of Upwork.

References On Your Profile

If you process the orders via your Upwork profile, you can display the completed orders with evaluation and payment in the profile.

Wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone you know has already completed many jobs to the satisfaction of the client and has thus earned a lot of money?

That implies that the freelancer was apparently worth it. Otherwise, he only gets paid well once. This is the best platform for making money for beginners.

Always Full Order Books

As soon as you have completed a few successful orders in a good niche, more and more professional clients will stumble across your profile.

You will also be asked to work for them. So you get work without having to look any further and make money through Upwork with them.

Conclusion On Upwork

Upwork is your chance to get a leg on the job market. You should definitely be willing to invest time. 

Only apply for jobs that are really suitable for you. Anyone who accepts a lot of jobs will be booked again and again.

Of course, the prerequisite is that you have always done everything conscientiously. 

In any case, Upwork can be a realistic chance for you to start a new life. So just be ready to take a closer look there. It will be worth it.

Come if you want to make money on Upwork.

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