The 8 Highest Paid YouTuber 2019

The 8 Highest Paid YouTuber 2019

You could become the next star in the scene. Buy yourself a decent webcam, record videos and put them on the internet via YouTube. That could make you rich, you would not be an isolated case, quite the opposite. 

An exhilarating idea, or not? Take a look at your most successful predecessors – here are the 8 YouTube stars who made the most money in 2019.

8:- Roman Atwood – $ 10 Million

Are you a fan of watching people in mishaps? Then the channel of YouTube star Roman Atwood could be something for you: on his channel. He plays tricks on strangers, in a very imaginative, varied and ambivalent manner. 

Roman Atwood

His inspiration comes from the series “Punk’d” by MTV, which was a spectator favorite of the station of his time. 

The young man with a penchant for play has almost 15 million followers, an impressive crowd of onlookers. Forbes reports that Atwood even had a deal with Nissan, which resulted in one of his pranks being admired in a company’s commercial. 

The Doichtgut also owns an online shop, on which various items can be bought from and about Atkinson, with the name “Smile More Store”,

7:- Lilly Singh – $ 10.5 Million

Lilly Singh, as her name is on YouTube, is one of the “superwomen“, the website. She appears as a comedian, which holds many different talents in itself. 

Lilly Singh

Especially her parents like to take them on the shovel. The power woman has built up a huge number of fans because of her really funny videos. 

Your YouTube channel currently has 15 million followers. One of their most famous videos “How Girls Get Ready” has been clicked over 20 million times! From time to time, Lilly also features celebrities on her show, most recently. For example, Selena Gomez featured in one of her October 2015 videos. 

Meanwhile, Superwoman herself has also started a music career, including a world tour with performances in 27 cities.

6:- Jacksepticeye – $ 16M

This channel has over 10 billion views and 22 million, subscribers.


Irish video-game streamer Sean “ Jacksepticeye ” McLoughlin was one of the first YouTubers to be part of the Disney-sponsored PewDiePie Revelmode network, which was a great success.

While Disney finally gave up on Revelmode, Sean McLoughlin was finally hired to create an original program for Disney XD, a television channel for children and teens. Sean McLoughlin is also a presenter and actor at numerous events and tours in Europe and North America.

5:- Logan Paul: $19 million

His channel contains 19.9 million Subscriber.

Logan Paul

Logan blogger Paul was the fourth-largest source of revenue for YouTube last year. But his brand collapsed after a video of a corpse found in the Japanese forest of Aokigahara. the place known for its suicides.

YouTube removed Logan Paul from the Google Preferred program, which had an impact on its ad revenue. 

However, his channel has continued to build subscribers and he continues to earn revenue from his merchandising and public appearances. Despite the scandal in Japan, Logan Paul was able to increase its revenues by $ 2 million (about 1.8 million euros) in one year.

One of Logan Paul’s most-watched commercials this year has been a paid streaming boxing match against the British Youtuber KSI in London. The fight ended in a draw and the stars of the internet are planning revenge next year.

4:- Jake Paul – $ 21.5 million

Richard Shotwell / Invision / Associated Press

While Logan Paul saw his profits drop following the Aokigahara incident, his younger brother, Jake, continues to flourish in the YouTube ecosystem, daily broadcasting vlogs and rap videos to his 19.5 million subscribers.

Jake Paul

Like Logan, the high profile Jake Paul on the Internet comes actually from the old social network Vine. Since it had more than 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views on its content.

Jake Paul, 21, today attracted national public attention in July 2017 for his ongoing feuds with his neighbors over noise complaints and unwanted attention his subscribers have focused on. his neighborhood of Los Angeles.

3:- PewDiePie – $ 20 million

Incomprehensible. The career of Felix Kjellberg alias PewDiePie is different. The passionate gamer, who uses his videos in a funny way, tops the list of the highest-paid YouTube stars. 


The native Swedish channel has close to 100 million followers – it’s estimated $ 12 million is unmatched. In 2010, the 25-year-old opened his channel, fans can look forward to his first book.

PewDiePie appears in the public prudently and quietly. He hates interviews of all kinds and has an absolute taboo topic: money. He does not talk about how much money he made or did with his videos. If you can ignore this question, Felix is ​​a very active conversation partner. 

Even in official interviews, he can not resist cracking jokes. But that speaks for the fact that he does not have to pretend in his videos too much – a nice thought. Some envy scoffs about the YouTube star and classifies his behavior as bold.

 “If you owe so much money to fortunate circumstances, then you can share with the world how lucky we are here to speak?”, The voices are mutatis mutandis. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. We appreciate, if you retrieving $ 12 million annually via YouTube, then luck is really big.

2:- Daniel Middleton – $ 45 million

Australian video game player Daniel ” DanTDM ” Middleton was the highest-paid YouTuber last year with a profit of $45 million.

Daniel Middleton

Daniel Middleton’s revenues have skyrocketed with a four-stop world tour of the Sydney Opera House and a thriving clothing brand.

Daniel Middleton built his impressive audience by doing streaming sessions on “Minecraft” and recently played the role of eBoy in Disney’s “Ralph 2.0

1:- Jeffree Star – $ 50 million

Formerly known as the most followed person on the MySpace social network, Jeffree Star has made an extremely successful transition to YouTube since 2014.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star launched its chain along with its makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, with a mix of beauty tips, tutorials, and vlogs.

Jeffree Star has gained more than 16.6 million subscribers with about 300 videos, a real break from the daily uploads of most YouTubers.

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