How To Earn Money From Facebook

How To Earn Money From Facebook

Open your eyes.

Every article on monetization does not revolve around traditional tactics for making money online.

Let’s be realistic and a bit creative.

People are smart and they use social networks very well. And Facebook social network is at the top of the list. Be ready for this. In all serenity to understand.

If you are stressed, save this article and read it when you feel motivated and want to start something more serious. I want this article to work for you. I really did some research before I started writing this article.

Because  I want it to work for you. So, I’m fairly certain that if you take your time to read this article, it will give you at least one direction to make money using Facebook, if you are not a social networking ninja.

That’s what’s beautiful. Have you ever heard of the sale of I like Facebook?

If it’s yes, then forget that, forever.

Imagine, Facebook as a city. You move to a new city, buy a home, start your new life and look around to start a business. Everything looks cool.

Let’s understand Facebook

What will you need next?

You will need the following things in a new city:

  • Relationships with people to learn more things
  • Friends to help you settle
  • A neighbor to socialize
  • Experienced people

So, when you join Facebook or start using it in a better way. Following tips and tricks, you will also begin to build your business and earn money.

 Because this is the reality of today’s social networks. You will have to use one of its networks one way or another.

Here Are Ways To Make Money With Facebook:


On Facebook, there is a lot of demand for fan pages in different niches, whether love, motivational phrases, or how to make cupcakes. What you have to do is create a creative fan page focused on a specific audience.


It is true that there are some very competitive niches, but the key is to do a little research until you find a good one.

Once you have found a niche, you simply have to create a fan page and start posting content as interesting for that audience  (images, phrases, or whatever you are creating). 

This will take a lot of work at the beginning, but once your fan page grows.

you can publish less, even to the point where your fans will be in charge of publishing the content, without you moving a finger.

Once your fan page reaches a large number of followers and you start to get a lot of likes in your posts. you can already monetize or sell it.

But there is a big difference between creating a Facebook page and creating a really professional fan page that translates into results. 

Successful marketing begins with a well structured and attractive Facebook page that creates a good environment for communication and interaction with the audience.


You can monetize a fan page in several ways:

  • Selling mentions for webmasters, web pages, or other fan pages. You will only have to mention these people, leaving a link in your publication and charge for each mention.
  • Promote affiliate products. For example, if you have a fan page on the theme of “losing weight” , you can promote weight loss products through ClickBank With Clickbank, you can earn up to 70% for each sale you make. 
  • CPA (cost per action). If your fan page is about, say Android games, you can monetize it with a CPA company. For each conversion you make, you will receive a commission.
  • Promote your own products or services. You can create an ebook on the theme of your fan page and sell it to your fans. You can also use your fan page to send traffic to your website monetized with Google Adsense.


To make money with Facebook applications, the project must meet a specific need and adapt to standard monetization systems (CPA, CPC, affiliates, etc.).

Another way to make money with Facebook applications is to promote through it a web product or service that indirectly generates profits to its creator. Let’s see some examples of what I tell you:


The games are a clear example of how much you can earn by creating applications for Facebook, some examples are clearly successful as Candy Crush, which has also been exported to other platforms such as Android and iOS.


Applications based on affiliate products are also very effective if used in the appropriate way. for example, we can create an app to measure the volume of body mass that derives from an affiliate product to lose weight and at this point, the Imagination and creativity can make a difference when it comes to making money with Facebook more easily.


These types of applications work very well in freemium games, in which parts or functions are obtained for free. While to purchase the services or full version you have to pay an extra.


Sometimes an app intended solely for promotion and merchandising is more than enough to generate passive income derived from advertising or redirection provided by the application to indirect monetization systems that come from an external source, such as a website or a blog.


Wait. Make money on Facebook with the rest seen more about, wherein one way or another the sale via the pages or groups on Facebook has been discussed So, I would say that the difference is with the approach we have.


You can create your Facebook page to just create your Facebook page, or you can create a Facebook Page to sell your service.

On your Facebook page, what you do and propose must be clear. If you have something to sell, Facebook is the right place to do it.

These groups and Facebook pages seem a very common thing for us as we see them every day.

But when it comes to starting to use them for our own business, then it gives you a hard time as well as it opens up opportunities for the few people. Who wants to make money online by starting to sell something with their own hands.


If you have not heard of selling tips on Facebook, then you can stay here and read more. Because there are experts who use this lever on Facebook.

If you thought Facebook was only the place to connect with old friends and relatives abroad, then you need to make an update on the buzzword called “Social Networks” …


All you need is to find your talent, which means:

  • What can you sell?
  • What can you offer?
  • What do you know better than others?
  • What areas do you like?
  • What are your passions?

There is always something where everyone is good. Finding what it is can sometimes be difficult. Once you find that the thing is in you, you can explore a lot more.

Facebook has already provided an option with a call to action button for Facebook Page owners to add it to the menu of their pages. This often helps experts and consultants engage with prospects by leading them to their websites.

It’s there and it’s up to us to see how we use it.


One of the ways to build a community is to use the “Facebook Group” option. As we discuss the lucrative aspect via Facebook, this must be covered.

Because Facebook now provides an option to start selling items inside a Facebook Group, but all of this happens when your group has the right audience for that, which means building a community there is really his role.

How to make money with a Facebook Group?

Last year, Facebook featured “buying and selling” in Facebook groups, which makes it easier for someone to sell on Facebook. There will always be a few limited functions and it depends on how we use it to our advantage.

It all starts with a Facebook group, once you have it, you need a committed community in that group and once you get it, you need a product to sell.

Once an entrepreneur or marketer has a product to sell, he can certainly take a step further with his Facebook group to start using it.

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