Best WordPress Themes 2019

Best WordPress Themes 2019

Things to Look For When Choosing WordPress Templates

Simply put, a theme is a collection of files that are responsible for the look and feel of your site.

It will contain the basic components, like your content and functionality, but it will not be

wrapped in a skin that is responsible for its appearance.

You can find site topics suitable for a large number of areas of activity and offers.

Some are free (such as we presented below), while others are premium (contain more

advanced paid features).

Choosing a theme may seem insurmountable, especially considering the thousands of

options available.

To help you a little below, a few points that should be addressed when searching:

  • Key features and functionality:- Pay attention to the set of key properties and functions of the site that you need.
  • User reviews and ratings:- Feedback from past and current users can give you useful information about each topic, including its advantages and disadvantages. 
  • Developer:- Update Theme And Support Regularly

To make the search even easier, we recommend that you first decide on the functionality and

important properties of your site.

Then use the other two items (reviews/ratings and support/updates).

Best WordPress Themes 2019

Given the list of criteria described above, thirty of the topics we want to bring to your

attention represent a variety of functions and features.

In addition, they all have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars and have been updated over the past six months. 

1.  Sydney


For freelancers, agencies, and companies looking for a business-focused and customizable theme, Sydney is a great choice. 

A full-screen slider, fixed navigation, logo loading, and many more settings will make your website look professional.

 In addition, access to all Google fonts and full control over layout options and color schemes,

also gives a lot of settings that will help create a design that matches your specific brand.

Additional features include mobile compatibility, social media icon integration and the ability to translate

– in general, this is all you need to run a fully functional and practical business site.

2.  Flash


If you want a theme with premium features, including custom widgets, a drag-and-drop page

builder and a built-in portfolio creation engine, and for free, Flash should top your topic list.

This unique free theme offers several ready-made demos that you can easily install on your site using Demo Importer ThemeGrill.

Of course, you also have the opportunity (and the necessary tools) to create your own website. 

Using Flash, you can create a blog, a business website, or a one-page portfolio site.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, you are also offered the opportunity to access free documentation.

It highlights the various functions and design options of the WordPress template and, based on its advice, you can quickly launch your site.

3.  Spacious


A clear and minimalist layout can make a significant impression of on-site visitors and potential customers.

Here is the hallmark of Spacious, although minimalism is not the only strength.

With access to premium options, Spacious can easily be used to create a professional website for businesses, agencies, freelancers and so on.

This is a very versatile and versatile theme with ready-made page layouts and 13 custom widget areas.

In addition, you can use the customizer to add a brand logo, include links to social networks and even personalize the slider on the main page. 

You will be impressed with everything you can do with Spacious.

4.  Llorix One Lite

While creating a professional website design, elegance is of great importance. With the Llorix

One Lite theme,   you can create an elegant website with an interweaving of modern trends and minimalism.

This theme includes features such as a full-screen image on the main page and the ability to many popular plugins (such as WooCommerce, MetaSlider, and bbPress). 

The offer is quite impressive for both the free WordPress template.

Llorix One Lite offers ready-to-use premium features so you can make a functional website quickly. 

Although, of course, you will have to spend time setting up your site to your specific needs. As a result, you will create a premium site with minimal time and money.

5.  Shopera


Sometimes, all that is required is a simple online store for the presentation of your products and the opportunity to buy them.

With the Shopera theme, you get exactly that. This is a modern and flexible theme that integrates seamlessly and seamlessly with WooCommerce. 

It also contains a number of useful e-commerce features, including the option 

Scroll Up button, breadcrumbs or crazycrap when navigating the store and the ability to upload your own logo.

Getting started with Shopera (in English) is very simple, which makes this theme ideal for inexperienced online store owners.

However, the available development and design features are also comprehensive enough to be interesting for advanced WordPress users and developers.

6.  Customizr


The WordPress Customizr template, as its name already suggests, is a very easily customizable template that works well for both beginners and professionals. 

Together with this topic, you can create a beautiful and mobile-friendly website, a blog, an online store or a business. 

You can also embed premium functionality on your website, including advertisements (an icon and descriptive text)

and social network icons, and integrate the theme with popular plugins such as WooCommerce and bbPress.

Not sure where to start? Customizr offers documentation that will help you easily learn how to properly configure the theme and its many functions in full.

7.  iFeature


If you focus on creating a website for an online store or business agency, iFeature is a universal theme that you can use for any purpose. 

If you know how to use a simple drag-and-drop, you can create a site with iFeature. 

Design settings can be applied globally or configured individually for each page, which gives you almost limitless possibilities.

In addition, iFeature is fully adapted to all devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Users can fully interact with all elements of the site and you can be sure that everything will work smoothly and will be fully accessible.

8.  Striker


You may be tempted to choose a theme with all the bells and whistles, although sometimes all you need is a simple theme. Striker is one such theme, ideal for website owners and bloggers looking for a good start.

Striker offers a clear design that you can use ready-made or customize as you wish. 

Settings options allow you to add your own logo, title, background and social network icons. 

You can also include the color scheme of your brand and you even have the opportunity to add content to certain areas. 

A built-in slider decorates the top of the page, and the flexibility of this WordPress template means that it looks great on all devices. 

If you are a beginner, you can also find the extensive documentation on this topic very useful for yourself.

9.  Virtue


Both beginner and advanced users will appreciate the simplicity and usability of the settings offered by this Bootstrap-oriented theme. 

You can create any website with a Virtue theme, no matter you are a seller, agency or blogger. 

It allows you to create a fully functional online store (or embed small store elements in your website), present your latest and greatest projects, or just focus on your blog.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of this WordPress template is its integration with  Schema microdata. 

This will not only help in indexing by search engines but, as a result, will increase the page rank of your site in search results.

10.  Shapely


Shapely is a one-page WordPress theme that lets you create a great landing page, portfolio, or personal site with easily customizable widgets. 

As you scroll through the page, you can serve user’s information in widgets in portions. 

Options include reviews, portfolios, product information, and more. 

This free theme also has a large amount of documentation that will teach you how to install the theme and customize the page, as well as configure each block of widgets without difficulty.

11.  Moesia


Modern and traditional are combined in a fully customizable theme for your business site. 

Moesia offers flexibility and professionalism, a good topic to start and develop.

The heart of the Moesia theme is the homepage. You can choose from 11 appointments, prepared blocks – each of which can be individually designed – and arrange them as you like.

 Also, you have two blog templates to choose from and access to a selection of Google fonts. 

And to top it off, this topic comes with setting up social integration and visitors can connect to you through their profiles on social networks. 

Of course, this also means that you will need a separate plugin for social network icons.

12.  Corporate Plus

Corporate Plus

The ideal theme for your business or portfolio is Corporate Plus  – a minimal and attractive offer for your business website. 

You can enable the full-width slider, the “About” section, the service section, and the Contacts section on your home page for a fully functional one-page site. 

Alternatively, you can add these features to different web pages for multi-page viewing.

If you want to expand your business offerings, you will also be pleased to learn that Corporate Plus is compatible with WooCommerce. 

This means that you can sell both real and electronic products, producing all this comfortably on your own site.

13.  Optimizer


Optimizer is a free WordPress theme that allows you to create, in essence, any site – either full width or width – without experience. 

Created based on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, it’s an adaptive, SEO-oriented and mobile theme ready to use. 

In addition, you can use the online editor to fully customize your site.

For beautiful landing pages, you can connect a slider or use the power settings of this theme for WordPress to create a portfolio site that will represent your best works.

Almost anyone can appreciate the benefits of the functionality offered by Optimizer, including small businesses, agencies, and freelancers, as well as many others.

14.  IsleMag


Offering a slider carousel, a place to display ads and even a feedback system, IsleMag can help you create the site you need as a modern, memorable magazine. 

With their standard magazine template for the homepage, the theme allows you to create a powerful website dedicated to your industry.

In addition, you can add your own links to social networks, invite visitors to work with your content. 

What’s more, this theme integrates seamlessly with other popular plugins such as SiteOrigin Page Builder, Jetpack, and  Contact Form 7  (and many others). 

These plugins will further expand the functionality of your site.

15.  MH Magazine Lite

MH Magazine lite

Another option important for the magazine-style is fast loading, as in the MH Magazine Lite theme. Using convenient category tabs, ad placements and a slider on the main page, you can easily transfer your site to the next level.

This theme allows you to create a dynamic and versatile website with drag-and-drop modules for easy drag and drop and 13 widget areas (including placements at the bottom of the site – footer and sidebar). 

You can create any layout you want for almost any field.

 If you want, you can switch to the premium MH Magazine theme, but in our opinion, the free version has almost everything you need for your magazine site.

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