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make money with telegram


Telegram is social media that helps you interact with friends and family, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

A Telegram has existed for a long time, people use it to interact with each other, although its popularity is not like that of WhatsApp and some other social media.

It may seem strange, but you can make money with Telegram.

It has over 100 million users, and this can be a great opportunity for you, because you can earn money by capitalizing on these users.

Imagine that you are studying an amazing offer and before you share it with your audience, the offer has already expired.

With really great offers, this happens very often, but you can avoid it – share it faster. A major travel blog or content site is not a suitable source for it.

Use Telegram to have an effective way to share a limited time offer with your audience and earn money.

Is It Possible To Earn Money From Telegram Without Investments?

The main earnings in the Telegram are advertising. You can create your own channel (group), and then post advertiser posts for money.

In this case, the prices will be much higher than in the popular social networks Whatsapp and Facebook.

The audience in the Telegram is more involved and “lively”, therefore, the price is among sellers of goods and services.

Just before this article, I wrote about make $100 per day without investment – it will definitely be useful to you.

One of the “chips” of the new messenger is the lack of an algorithmic news feed. Channels are issued in the form of a chat.

If you publish an advertisement, a notification is sent to the subscriber, as is the case with regular correspondence. Most users read it, therefore, the conversion is high.


Earning in the Telegram without attachments is also available to those who do not have their own channel.

You can develop applications for money, draw stickers, create bots for money.

The amount of income will depend on your experience and ability to find customers.


Some users believe that social networks, instant messengers or other projects are just a way to relax after a hard day. 

But there is a category of people who spend their entire working day on the Internet. No, these are not lazy people and parasites.

These are modern businessmen who receive tremendous profits from the sale of goods and services through such sites.

Telegram was no exception. There are several simple telegram earning schemes:


A channel is a kind of chat that is conducted in one direction. So, the author is free to talk about his thoughts and share content with other users (subscribers).

In this case, the money comes from advertising. The more readers see the information, the more likely it is to get a good profit.

How to make money on your telegram channel

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a profit in the messenger is to create your own channel. 

According to studies, about 50% of telegram users who receive notification of new advertising entries click through them.

This figure is significantly higher than that of the most popular social networks (in facebook it is only 10%). 

Methods of earning in telegram:


The most popular activity on the Internet. Most sites, blogs and other types of platforms are created specifically to receive money for viewing ads. 

As on any other resource, the profit from the channel on telegrams depends on the subscriptions. 

That is, the more users who read the news, the more expensive it is to publish an advertisement in this group.

It can be either a news channel or a blog or an interest club. 

In order to have an extensive audience, you need to carefully approach the choice of content and publish only those materials that can really interest a person and encourage him to join your group.


Telegram channels can be used as platforms for the sale of certain goods and services. 

A big plus for such entrepreneurs is that when you add a post, all subscribers to the group will receive notifications on their mobile devices.

That is, all your “readers” will instantly know about the arrival of new products to the store


Many users are wondering what is cpa network . 

These are special resources that have agreements with large companies, the essence of which is to promote their goods and services.

Naturally, for the sale of one unit of something, the owner of the telegrams receives a certain percentage. 

In addition, there are options for profit from the income of attracted partners.


Some users specialize in promoting telegram channels. 

That is, they take a little-known, with a small number of subscribers, group, and in a short period of time put them in the top of the most visited sites. 

After that, they find customers and sell the community for good money.


How can I make money in a Telegram without a channel? 

The most popular area today is freelance, that is, the sale of their own knowledge and skills.


From the point of view of a bot developer, freelancers can earn money by developing bot solutions for business.

Now companies are adapting to a new solution, rather than creating applications.

It is more difficult to download so many applications, although it’s useful to configure and manage, and switch between them.

Some experts claim that bots will not replace applications, but will serve as a means of using them.

The market has huge potential, and you too can be part of it. There are two types of bots on a telegram:

Large companies (Netflix, ESPN, etc.) that really do not care about making money through their bots, but more about expanding their points of interaction with their customers.

Developers who use Telegram as a testing platform will switch to a special application for the bot interface.

Most of them guys play on the ear – just taking one day at a time and watching how the bot space develops.

Stock market bots (Mannu) are being developed, and the idea is to judge how susceptible the market is.

In addition, Telegram gives you decent freedom of action (for a chat application) to play.


Earn money in the messenger can professional illustrators. 

In general, all the stickers in the messenger are free, so there are limited opportunities for making money.

Some freelancers post their offer on the Kwork exchange. Another category of illustrator’s potential clients is young companies wishing to create a unique brand.

In principle, now there are very gifted children, and if you think about how a child can make money and also draws well, offer him this option.



This type of earnings in the Telegram cannot be called stable. After all, one of the main features of the messenger is free for users.

Telegram has an official group in VK “Telegram Challenge”. Until 2017, competitions for developers were often published there.

 Participants could win from several hundred to several thousand dollars.


If you have experience in successfully promoting a channel (group) in a Telegram, you can monetize knowledge and experience. 

Offer promotion services to customers on freelance exchanges or post relevant resumes on employment portals.

IMPORTANT: The competition in Telegram is not as high as among the SMM managers who promote communities on VK, Facebook and Instagram.

For the conduct of one group in the Telegram, customers are willing to pay from $ 100 per month. An experienced specialist can do 3-4 projects at once.


Telegram is a messaging service combining WhatsApp speed with Snapchat ephemerality and cutting-edge new security measures.

Some may be wondering if it is possible to make money from telegrams, yes, it’s true, you can make money doing this by following some suggestions from robots.

Each robot has what they can offer, as for the two robots that I tested and confirm that they work perfectly.

First of all, you must download the Telegram app from the Play Store or Appstore. You can also register an account through a PC / laptop/network.

You can log in to and select Telegram on the Internet. You will also need a Bitcoin wallet to receive payment from Telegram.

When you finish installing or logging in, the next thing to do is use the following bots;

But, before using them, launch the Telegram application or just search in the Playstore / Appstore.

The following applications will help you make money:

Profit Robot is a bot that you use to complete offers and earn money, you can earn money on websites that you can earn money by contacting someone.

Open the Telegram app. Click/copy the link below and send it to yourself to easily download/touch.

Spot Robot This is one of the first Telegram games where you can earn real money by collecting diamonds.

Diamond can be bought by selling its collected energy. And these energies can be acquired by hiring ROBOTS.

Sell ​​these energies for gems/diamonds. Earn more diamonds to hire more robots so that they can accumulate more energy faster.

The best bots for earning in Telegram


This bot is a full-fledged exchange for working with a well-known social network. 

Earnings on Instagram in this way are quite profitable because here the tasks are updated almost every second. The bot offers the following channel solutions:

  • Receive income for likes in comments or under photos;
  • You can become a subscriber of other channels on Instagram and earn on subscriptions;
  • Earnings on Story’s views. Such tasks are much less, but the amount of reward is higher.

Using Instagram Money, you can earn a good income, and you can also insert referral links on the site and receive up to 15% of the remuneration of a given member.

You can withdraw money already on the first day, thanks to the high income for completing tasks. The project has established itself as reliable and honest, therefore it is recommended for cooperation.


A unique bot with which you can promote chat in Telegram. The system has a wide range of functions and payment instruments, due to which it constantly attracts new users. 

  • For attracting a new user, the system immediately charges 15 kopecks;
  • If he completed more than 10 tasks in the next 7 days, then you will receive another 50 cents for each;
  • After that, you will receive up to 10% of the cost of each completed task.

Money and payment every day are possible without any problems. It’s a pleasure to work on the phone with the data project. 

Performing tasks, you can quickly gain amounts to pay for mobile communications and the Internet, and attracting new users to quickly reach a stable income. 

We can safely refer the service to the category of proven resources and recommend continuous cooperation.


Another successful resource for the promotion of a personal account or group in VK. 

Convenient functionality and clear interaction make the project relevant for several years, due to which it receives new interested advertisers and performers.

 Advertising on the project is also extremely profitable, since it costs much cheaper than competitors, so you can make a large-scale project in this way quite cheaply.

Bot 100500

If you still do not understand how to make money on a Telegram, then such a bot is clearly for you. 

A unique project of its kind, which allows not only to earn but also to promote your own channel. 

Here you can earn income for watching the news, commenting on events, as well as for sharing news on other social networks.

If you can find a large number of referrals, then you will find a pleasant bonus from the administration. 

The affiliate program involves a reward for each completed referral task. 

On the service, you can agree on a three-level system if the number of referrals exceeds 100 people, with which you will work out your own system. 

Thus, having a large amount of traffic, you can reach passive income in the shortest possible time. All tasks are profitable, so you can accumulate funds for withdrawal extremely quickly.

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