4 Steps Of Path To Success

1:- Confidence

Direct experience

In fact, these are the goals that we have already achieved. 

For example, if we have good grades in mathematics, we begin to believe that we are able to do well in this subject. 

If we have shown ourselves well in a football match, scoring a couple of goals, we begin to believe that we are good at playing football.

Role Models

These are the people we admire. They possess the qualities and skills that we want to possess. 

Their success motivates us, we usually try to acquire the same skills, knowledge, and attitude as they have. 

It is noteworthy that the more these people are similar to us, the more likely that their success can add confidence to us.

Support and approval

It is important that other people believe in us and support us in our endeavors, this helps especially when we ourselves respect them. 

However, the support and approval of others give a much smaller increase in confidence than personal experience and role models.

Emotions and experiences

Mood and reaction to stress play a big role. 

If we experience too much stress while trying something new, we will start to avoid it or will do it badly. 

By learning to better deal with stress, we can also add confidence to ourselves.

2:- Consistency

Today, let’s talk about why consistency is a key factor for the success of a business blog. 

There are many ways that contribute to success in promoting a blog, but not one of them is as important as the sequence.

Consistency Strengthens Your Leadership Positions in Your Niche.

Believe me, every blogger wants to get into the TOP of blogs and become a Leader in his niche. But to succeed, you must follow the sequence.

Do not move away from the topic of your blog so that your readers can understand what you are writing about and what useful things you can find on your blog.

Beginners need to work hard to get recognition. It takes a lot of time to develop a blog. 

But if you blog regularly and competently, provide valuable material for your target audience, this will help accelerate the growth and popularity of your blog.

Consistency Creates a Community of Readers.

Most bloggers want to get an audience using article marketing and FAST to create a community of their readers.

Is it possible? I don’t think …

You can only attract a large audience, provided that you keep your blog constantly.

Publishing articles on the blog is rare and irregular, it is unlikely to get a lot of traffic and the desired number of regular readers.

Even if you will attract visitors to it using electronic or video marketing. To get an audience, you should make the most of your blog and do it all the time.

Consistency Arouses Trust.

In his book, The Psychology of Influence, Robert B.

Cialdini states that one who is not consistent is perceived by people as “fickle, indefinite, malleable, unstable, and frivolous.”

Consistency and commitment are two key factors that determine the success of a blog.

Constancy encourages readers to get used to your blog style and content through the point of view of a phycological.

Consistency Increases Brand Strength.

Have you ever thought that consistency enhances brand strength?

When you publish a valuable and useful article for your readers and do it all the time, you increase the power of your influence.

However, many people think that the main indicator of a successful blog is the amount of traffic, the number of sales and income.

And they direct all their efforts to receive traffic by hook or by crook.

3:- Commitment

Why is commitment necessary?

Organizational commitment is the identification of a person with his organization, expressed in the desire to work in it and contribute to its success.

Committed employees do more work and do what is needed, and not just what is assumed by the contract or job descriptions.

They do not reckon with their efforts if this is necessary for overall success.

Committed employees infect other employees with their commitment. They are a “leaven” for the formation of a certain organizational culture.

Finally, commitment reduces the cost of staff turnover. Committed employees do not leave the organization..

Emotional commitment: Man + organization = love?

Emotional commitment is the psychological attachment of an employee to people, place, and business.

Love for people

A person can be emotionally attached to specific people with whom he works, including his immediate boss, as the main figure in his working life.

Love for the place

An emotionally attached person can also be to the place of work, to his office, the view from the window.

A comfortable working chair, his LCD monitor, in general, to the “office paradise” or even, paradoxically, to his “office hell”.

But to his, familiar, beloved and therefore psychologically comfortable.

Love for his work

A person is emotionally committed to his organization if it provides him with the opportunity to do what he loves.

Generally speaking, a person’s love for his work is a commitment to the profession, not an organization.

Investments and Costs

Emotional commitment is often called the core of organizational commitment.

In order to develop it, you need to invest effort, time and material resources.

It is necessary to create an “office paradise”, provide opportunities for communication, the development of good relations between people.

Commitment to the calculation: “What cannot be calculated is not considered”

Commitment by calculation – attachment to the organization, due to some personal calculations of a person.

These may be material considerations: a person is forced to stay in the company in order to fulfill his obligations to his family.

Sometimes in the training groups, I conduct such an experiment: I propose to imagine that a large fortune, several million dollars fell off from somewhere.

You can never work, never. It is possible to provide all relatives and friends, help children of friends get an education, etc.

What would you do to ensure everyone? Would you continue to work at your company?

As a rule, people are plunged into deep thought.

Most people are not aware, they simply squeeze out the fact that they work according to calculation.

Approximately 50% of respondents admit that if they were “financially independent,” .

They would be engaged in theoretical physics, artistic creation, flower cultivation, or something else.

Commitment to debt: You are responsible for those whom you have tamed.

A person is attached to an organization because he sees his duty in this. And perhaps their purpose, or, as they say now a mission.

It is possible that he is no longer interested or disadvantageous in working in his current position or in this organization in general,

But he feels morally obligated to remain with these people, to carry out his work and achieve his goals.

Commitment from a sense of duty can only be found

A commitment to debt is peculiar only to people with a high sense of responsibility, often to those who organized their own business, to true leaders.

They are responsible for those whom they “tamed”. Such a commitment is difficult to develop; it is either there or not.

Moreover, it is impossible to buy. You can only find people who will be committed to the organization out of a sense of duty.

4:- Belief

Faith is trust in a person, people and (or) higher spiritual power.

From whom or from whom we draw support and seek advice in moments of trials and tribulations.

Belief in yourself

You’ll lie under something when you don’t stand for anything, – it is sung in one American country-style song.

It is a pity, but today there are a lot of people who do not know what they believe in.

Success in any business (as, indeed, in life in general) is determined by the conviction that we have a deep power that you can always rely on.

A good starting point to remedy this situation is to gain faith in yourself. A good starting point to remedy this situation is to gain faith in yourself.

Faith in others

At work, our personal success almost always depends on the success of others.

What happens if we do not believe in our colleagues or workmates?

If we doubt ourselves, then, most likely, we will doubt others and stop trusting them. Distrust is perhaps the main obstacle to achieving common goals.

Brief Recommendations for Building Your Faith.

Know that you have everything you need to succeed.

If you ever doubt it, then you will not allow your talents to be revealed and you will not be able to realize your full potential.

Understand that an event in which you believe has a much greater chance of occurring.

When too often thoughts come to your mind that you are unworthy of something.

you are doomed to be on the sidelines all the time so, You have no abilities, or you lack some necessary qualities

You need to convince yourself that you are worthy and probably more capable than you think about it.

Constantly wait for a miracle and do not let “wither” your ability to be surprised.

Miracles are very often the product of inconspicuous and quiet work, such as reflection, hard work, and perseverance.

Do not stop believing – never and never!

The trials and hardships of life seek to break a person.

There are times in life when things turn out far from what we want: we stumble, fall, often stop believing in ourselves or others.

Faith is like an anchor holding us in the turbulent currents of life. She is the main sign of a living person, the support and the foundation.

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